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Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

VoIP is a technology that enables voice communications over the Internet through the compression of voice into data packets that can be efficiently transmitted over data networks and then converted back into voice at the other end. Data networks, such as the Internet or local area networks (LANs), have always utilized packet-switched technology to transmit information between two communicating terminals (for example, a PC downloading a page from a web server, or one computer sending an e-mail message to another computer). The most common protocol used for communicating on these packet-switched networks is Internet protocol, or IP. 
VoIP allows for the transmission of voice along with other data over these same packet-switched networks and provides an alternative to traditional telephone networks, which use a fixed electrical path to carry voice signals through a series of switches to a destination.

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In today's economy VoIP is getting a lot of attention due to the savings of using existing bandwidth and also because it allows you to connect to other users around the world and or remote offices. 

Here at Altel, we supply technologies for both internal and external hosted solutions, as well as a converged approach where both IP and TDM technologies are brought together to enhance each other. 

Allow us to analyze your business needs and then provide you with a complete customized solution that will work the best for your business. 

We find that both small and large businesses can benefit from the now proven cutting edge of VoIP. 

Contact us today for your free analysis and quote. At Altel, we strive to show you how you can save money with the correct communication solutions that work best for you.

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